Some friends are made to create a circle to support each other. Dear friends of mine below are notable and qualified bloggers with various content. Just take a look and be drown in their writing.

The first and only friend from 2010 circa. Currently living in Yogyakarta to pursue her master's degree (and true love without digital thingy). Unfortunately, she's on the vacuum of power now.

Yoga Cahya Putra
Been being his friend for years and now realized that he is beaten by cubicle work-life. His book titled "Senior High Stress" was a huge breakthrough because of his hilarious branding.

A muggle/half-blood/witch who daringly in love with the Harry Potter series. Aul comes from Sumatera. His blog talks about fashion and hot issues of the day. Love to take selfies too.

Yoga is a full-of-innovation blogger who currently lives in Jakarta. He likes to conduct an experiment with his writing and also his blog. His writing is 50% slutty and 50% uplifting.

With the emergence of prevalent science content, Haw creates "V-SIKA" as one of his post taglines at the blog. This author keeps contemplating physics with everyday life.

She is named after a great porn star Icha Khalifa since her movie review blog is also named as "Pelacur Kata". Her body is booked by her soulmate who remains unknown until today.

Agia is an expert in bringing joy to everybody but himself. He has a lot of similarities with Shun Oguri--sloppy yet serious at the same time. He has a very unique taste of humor.

As a good boy and a little bad man, Robby has been known as a straight student in university. He often writes about his funny school life and hilarious social life at his blog.

Heru Arya
Heru is often called "Pangeran Wortel" as sometimes other people are misguided by his personal branding as a blogger. He has a great tagline which is "Maaf Untuk Keputusan Ini".

N Firmansyah
As a professional content writer, this man sometimes gets sad and happy without reason. He is a bundling of very serious and full of jokes person. Not a very talkative man, but he is an observant.

Haris Firmansyah
One of the permanent contributors in to write about an alternate version of a movie. He has written twelve published books. The last one is titled "Petualangan Seperempat Abad".

Adi who is named after his blog "Keriba-keribo" has been known as a personal blogger for a long time. When his friends decided to monetize their blog, Adi is still consistent with personal content.

Rido Arbain
Try to talk with this man at his blog and you'll get various knowledge: books, movies, articles, movements, and tips to break the journey becoming a probationary civil servant.

Dian Hendrianto
Blogger with a significant amount of charming and gentle personalities--as he stated. He often writes about his daily life and his struggle because of an implicit lover.

Ichsan Ramadhani
He comes from Samarinda and has been finished his study in Malang. His blog is written with passion of legendary school life under the title "Ayam Sakit"--which is still being mystery. 

Justina Nur Landhiani
Njus is a girl who sometimes being shy and very brave--too brave--to face somebody else. For her, living on some else's shoes is so boring and uninteresting. Anime and Penn Badgley maniac.

Lulu Andhita
If you need an overflowing story of daily work-life, Lulu's blog is the best for you. She writes about many things related to getting in touch with the boss, the deadline, and the workmates.

Syarifatul Adibah
Best known as a girl with funny and random thoughts, Adibah is never getting puzzled with other's opinion. She will write what she likes and what she feels after all.

Rahayu Wulandari

Wulan my dearest girl likes to write in abbreviation and idiom terms. She is vulgar and absurd which is making her be herself totally--but she is really beautiful, like really pretty.

Rehyan Ismail
A friend from Makassar who is random and energetic. His blog triggers us to get angry and his real personalities make us so dizzy. But his writing will surely highlight your day.

Febri Dwi Cahya Gumilar

He is a blogger from Yogyakarta who is not clearly familiar with his own city. He doesn't really know where the location of iconic places from Yogyakarta, but he is familiar with Nadya.

Nadya Irsalina Nur Kholis

Apart from Febri, Nadya is a female version of him but with less absurd and random-freak thingy. She can still be shy and calm. Nadya often writes about culinary and traveling tips at her blog.

Niki Setiawan

Best known for his unusual comments in his friend's blogs, Niki has multiple personal branding. He is a true writer with an uncommon issue and he is able to reshape every idea as a funny-made story.

Fauzi Zahrul
A student who has highlighted himself as "Mahasantri" as he still studies in Cairo. One thing to know before you jump into his blog, he always writes without purpose but that's making him unique.

Arum Kusuma
Arum had lived in Malang for years and now she is going back to Samarinda as a teacher. Her writing leads to contemplation about love, family, religion, and small things happened in daily life.

Wisnu Tri
Wisnu Tri is predicted as the third child in his family. He is a blogger with Javanese accent and he often adds some colloquial Javanese terms in his writing. Funny as a rabbit.

Natalia Bulan Retno Palupi
She seems introvert--and sometimes can be seen as the real introvert. But Bulan has the warmest heart and it is reflected in her writing. She comes from Semarang, but now lives in Solo.

Zahrah Nida Rosyida
A cute and full-of-imagination girl who likes to write in term of daily activities. She sometimes writes about a review of places and products under the title of "Bunga Lompat".

Doni Jaelani
Doni really likes Linkin Park as he named his blog after one album of the band: Hybrid Theory. His blog is "Dijeh Theory" talking about his various feeling of contextual phenomena.

Salam Lil Alamin
Salam writes several articles about Makassar as he is delighted by the city--the same thing happens with me. He likes to travel and watches anime. For recommendation, go check his blog.

Gigip Andreas
Gigip is a friend from Bandung who likes to write about satires and sarcasm to his own work--and sometimes big things happened recently. He has been graduated as Tiktok singer.

Arif Munandar
More known as Jungjawa, his blog is titled the same as his nickname. His blog mostly talks about optimizing blogs, gadgets, reviews, engineering, and much more. Go check his blog for updates.

Darma Kusumah
He is a member of WIRDY: the blogger group consisting of Wulan, Icha, Robby, Darma, and Yoga. His writing is about himself and his random thoughts. Sometimes he gets too fancy.

Renggo Starr
Looking for tips and tricks about insurance, business, finance, investment, and banking? Well, this blog will help you through a lot. Lots of options out there to help you with money.

If you want your blog to be added here, you can ping me on the comment section of my posts with your name and blog. I am going to do blogwalking there too.

Best regards,
Mayang Dwinta.