Title: Off: Your Digital Detox for a Better Life
Author: Tanya Goodin
Publisher: Ilex Press
Published Year: 2017
Language: English
Pages: 112 pages

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For some reasons, now I'd rather be sitting with a bunch of non-fiction book than a fiction book. I choose a scientific book over science fiction and I choose self-improvement over a young adult. Well, I have spent two days walking into Big Bad Wolf and I do not even care to get into the fiction section. Instead, I go to the children section (which is so wide) and take two books of coloring and crossword puzzle. That's hilarious for some people but I think I am fine. Whereas I understand the concept or not, but I go with that rhythm now.

I am lucky enough to be able to find this book. Oh, personally, I don't really like the content because it is waaay to basic. And I think I myself am capable to write like this, muehehe (please don't slap me!). But, still, Tanya Goodin wrote this book when I am off without multiple applications and gadget. Now I only use several applications on my phone, the ones I really need the most and often use. I am not labeling myself as free-thinker or absolute minimalist (even naturalist). I still learn how to do that wisely.

Being digital minimalist to me, well, it turns out that it didn't that hard. I've quit Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for a long time and that's really okay. Maybe it's because I don't really engage to it actually. But, don't just quit it if you are working in the digital field. Choose to use it wisely. The more you use gadget the more you become addicted. So, give a limitation when your phone should be on or off. You get to decide.

That's just the surface of Tanya Goodins' book and more, the book has consisted of the things like that. No scientific research or whatsoever, but somehow, for the person who truly engages to gadget, it is simple. Some people who have started digital detox are hating this book so much as Tanya Goodin didn't enlarge her research based on psychological and health basis. Like I said, everyone can just write up a book like this. Just add Pinterest-based images which are aesthetic enough to be the illustration. The book is ready.

But, no, that's not what Tanya Goodin wants. Despite on her record of being technopreneur, not psychiatry or doctor, I think this book is well-written just the way it is. She wants to encourage people to start thinking about their phone. Not to be off permanently, but use it wisely. Don't only see it as a pleasurable book, but also a book to trigger yourself into changing the way you use your phone. That's it.

More to the positive point, this book is small enough to bring everywhere. Fits my hands perfectly so that I always bring this book everywhere and read it when feeling blue. I don't collect book persistently these two years and I am trying to go for the e-book. But, sometimes, I miss to read and lost between the pages (the real pages). So, having this size of book truly helps me getting into it without being convenient.