The most pipeline-contained history in my life has been created at this stage. Any city has never been so captivating like Makassar did to me. Once I went there, I wanna stuck forever. You bet I like the foods or something. Yeah, I like most of the foods but I also like the atmosphere of it. Having most of beautiful sunset and sunrise, you may wonder about how this city becomes iconic. The truth is it truly has notable spots of sunset and sunrise.

(Simon and Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence)

First, I thought I also could not taste the most notable local cuisine here--Coto Makassar--which now become one of my eating lists. Second, the taste of chilies, tomatoes and soy sauce is my new addiction. Eating hot rice with that sambal and fried fish is heaven. I really adore how people there cook. They make it simple, quick and aesthetic. Makassar seems like a city that serves foods and meals with a lot of plates and bowls. They will spread the foods around the table, making sure that every guest gets the same portion. It reminds me of Rumah Makan Padang but with fewer spices on the menu. Makassar people like to make their foods fresh.

Plus, I love fishes and its various cooking version. You make it fried, grilled, steamed or anything, I will eat that within seconds. Coming to Makassar also makes me love Mie Titi (I always order the seafood Mie Titi because why not?). Es Pisang Ijo is also delicious to ease your thirst and hunger. Try the one named "Mie Cheng" and you will never forget the taste.

Before coming to Makassar, I don't know that I will love the beach, sunset and sunrise. I love climbing and mountain when I was a high school and college student. You can say anything but I really never come to the beach in Yogyakarta while I was in college. Not even once. It is really four years without the sea while my friends update about "I need vitamin sea" or something.  But, Makassar has the other side of the blue ocean and purple clouds. 

Beach is everywhere. Even you can see it across the road when you go to the city to city. Takalar is the second city I have visited when I came to Makassar and it has way more beautiful beaches (they just need to be cleaned). Beaches in Makassar and Takalar are more beautiful to enjoy when it is dawn or dusk. My favorite is in the dusk when the clouds are turning blue, purple, orange and grey at the same time. Nothing can beat that scenery. Not even Indomie goreng original with a sunny side up egg above it.

Perhaps I cannot come back to you and the city right now. Duty calls me to finish everything even I really want to escape from everything. Once, I surrender. Second, chaos turns over. When I come to Yogyakarta, I still had the feeling that you would change your mind and come. Like usual. I waited for hours from the morning. I also waited with the thunder in my heart. But I learned that what comes to the edge should be closed-captioned. No nagging.

Then I wandered from road to road, taking the same paths like we did back then. Condongcatur, Sleman, Malioboro, Ring Road and all historical places of ours. I walked and sobbed through the roads while playing Twenty One Pilots. I don't even know how to stop this feeling but I will not be bothering. You have every right to do what you want to do.

Just in case you need to ring me, my books are always open like wind. As the sunshine will never be the same again. But, my try and pray will never stop bargain.