Good evening, all ::52::

Today is my father's day. He is 52 now. He has dedicated his life, power and everything for his family since 1988. We love him so much. And today, I've got some cakes and gift for him. He looks so happy. But, he also looks sad because my brother couldn't at home today. My brother has been sick for 3 days in Malang.

Today is also the last day in 2011. My pops is always wondering why he was born at the year-end. But, he loved it because all of the people in the world celebrate this day due to face the new year.

Umm.. I can't say anything. I just want to pray and tell him that I love him very much. May God gives him long lasting life and I will make him proud of me as long as I can. You can count on me, dad.

Happy Birthday, My Pops...


  1. @aayik:
    makasih ya, ay :)

    @bang shin:
    makasih banget bang :)

  2. backsound: taylor swift - back to december
    hbd papanya mayang :3 sama2 lahir bulan desember hehe

  3. @beby:
    iya beb, maacih beud yak :D
    *ngalay dikit*

    oiye, aku ngga pake pos kilat. jadi harap sabar nungguin hadiahnye. hehe XD


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